With our hydraulic wrenches we have the ability to tighten and torque all bolts to BOP
specs accurately and efficiently. With our calibrated tools and trained technicians we at QES LLC areĀ guaranteed to meet all torque specifications. With the versatility of our tools, we have theĀ ability to work on well-heads, frac stacks, rigs, and coil tubing BOPs.

Hydraulic Torque/Tension Tool benefits:

  • Delivers high speed and versatility
  • Nuclear precision bolt load with simple ASME approved accessory
  • Handles every single torque or tension application to the fullest satisfaction
  • Durability derived from ample use of 300,000 psi tensile strength aircraft material


Premium Tools With Best In Class Versatility, Only From HYTORC:



  • Largest selling slim tool
  • Made of the highest strength alloy
  • No torque reduction
  • Uni-body housing a versatile cassette


  • Hands-free operation for safety
  • Reduce bolting time for speed
  • Slim design allows it to fit anywhere
  • Co-axial reduction for durability
  • Compliant link system