Production/Completion Chemicals

At QES, LLC, we strive to bring to our customers innovation, reliability and the best product in
the industry. With the rising cost of raw material our in-house R&D team is constantly evolving
our products so our customers can increase efficiency and at the same time decrease the
cost associated to chemical usage. QES, LLC pioneered the chemical trailers for multiple
reasons. The first is to decrease over usage of chemical and to provide the customer with
ample supply of product on location. Our trailers are equipped with up to 4 totes of chemical,
air pumps and a digital metering system. The chemical meters allows the customer to
administer the correct amounts of chemicals that are required. Our digital meters can control
the chemical flow all the way down to 00.001. This allows the customer to administer correct volumes of each chemical.

  • Friction Reducer FW
  • Friction Reducer HB
  • Gel
  • Gel – Xan
  • Pipe on Pipe
  • Foamer
  • Liquid Beads
  • Defoamer
  • H2S Scavenger
  • Corrosion Inhib
  • KCL substitute
  • Clay Stabilizer
  • Bio-Cide
  • Dry Beads (fine)
  • Dry Beads (coarse)
  • Dye
  • Soda Ash

QES, LLC can provide all chemicals for Coil Tubing, Workover, Completion and Production needs.

We can order/provide custom chemicals upon request.