MX-1000 Hydration Unit

The MX-1000 is an in-line hydration unit that more thoroughly hydrates and blends slurries on the fly eliminating the need for expensive blending units on location.

Compact and easy to transport, the MX-1000 can be installed and ready for use in minutes.

MX-1000 is a state of the art high pressure hydration unit.

Its Sole purpose is to efficiently hydrate the completion chemicals being injected into the fluids used for coil tubing and work over applications. The unit is rigged into the pressure side of the fluid pump (downstream of the inline filter). Inserting the tool here allows the velocity and the pressure of the fluid to aggressively shear the chemicals on the fly. Reducing and in most cases eliminating the need for a mixing plant and its accessories all together and saving valuable operating time and money. This tool is undoubtedly the future for product hydration in the completion industry.




2”1502 Connections
15K Working Pressure
22.5K Test Pressure