Containment Services

With multiple phases of drilling a well, there are a substantial amount of fluids that are used
in this process. At QES, LLC, we care about our environment and surroundings.
When there is a spill that is not contained the remediation can be very costly and time
consuming. With our spill containment mats we can eliminate the liability exposure to the
owner or the services companies. We provide a variety of different styles and sizes of spill
containment mats from a simple foam berm walls, L-Bracket walls all the way up to containing
frac tanks. We have a large inventory which consists of a variety of sizes from 5 x 5 up to 60
x 90. Our containment mats are made of a heavy-duty 30 oz polypropylene material which is
durable in the most rugged conditions and easy to clean. Our containment mats can withstand
hazardous fluids, hydrocarbons and most chemicals used in the phases of developing a well.


Snap Up Berm

  • Grommets allow berm to be secured in place
  • Snap-up support provides a sturdy side wall for excellent spill containment

Foam Berm

  • Durable foam logs allow vehicles to drive over them and still retain their original shape
  • Foam logs are covered with a fuel resistant polyethylene
  • Easily emptied through 3/4-inch drains

Available Sizes:

5′ x 35′ 12′ x 30′
6′ x 45′ 12′ x 45′
10′ x 10′ 12′ x 50′
10′ x 12′ 14′ x 45′
10′ x 30′ 14′ x 50′
12′ x 25′ 60′ x 90′